Express service

Professionl team of highly efficient and high-speed laundry equipment, help us to provide you the best service on same day. T n C applys


More than 40 years of experience in the industry. We have fully supervised, and highly trained professional staff to handle your clothes. We provide you the service with full dedication and commitment.

Steam Press

It provides finishing touches on your precious clothing. Instant steam pressing is gentler on garments than ironing. It helps you to meet your emergency cleaning needs in the best way.

Dry Clean

We are aware of the latest cleaning and fabric technologies because we are known as the textile care professionals. So, we can improve the durability and appearance of your clothes.

Kashmiri Darning

Darning heals a damaged cloth because it has some emotional or historical association with clothes. Kashmiri darning is just like magic, so it makes a flaw disappear.


White is the hardest color to keep looking new and bright after just a few months. Oils and sweat quickly become stains and color from other clothes will bleed eventually into the white fabric. It will discolor your bright white fabric. We can make it bright and new again without using chemical cleaning.

Excellent Saree Service

Saree is a very delicate cloth and it should be handled very carefully. We have deep knowledge in different fabrics and fashions such as silk, rayon, cotton, seersucker, faille, angora, etc. So, we can handle each fabric with a personal touch, be it Drycleaning, Steam Pressing, Calendaring and Charakh.

Designer Wear Care

Clothes should be handled according to the material and the work done on them. We have deep knowledge in different types of fabrics. We value the emotions attached to each bead of your designer wear.

Curtain & Carpet Cleaning

We follows a unique formula for cleaning your curtains and carpets. We are doing the cleaning process without shrinkage or buckling. Our curtain cleaning specializes are highly qualified to clean all types of curtains and carpets.